PRASA 2001 proceedings

Proceedings of the Twelfth Annual Symposium of the Pattern Recognition Association of South Africa.

Individual papers (pdf format)

Feature subset selection using Thornton's separability index and its applicability to a number of sparse proximity-based classifiers
J. Greene
Chaotic signal processing by use of second order statistical methods and surrogate data analysis
C. Aldrich
Support vector machines for ATR
J.P. Mare and B.J. van Wyk
The automatic detection of patterns in people's movement
G. Forbes and G. de Jager
Art and image processing
M. Janse van Vuuren and G. de Jager
Eye contour extraction for fetal alcohol syndrome screening
T.S. Douglas, F. Martinez, E.M. Meintjies, C.L. Vaughan
Computer aided diagnosis of miliary tuberculosis
A. Koeslag and G. de Jager
A statistical approach to skin detection
R. Bhurtha and G. de Jager
Face tracking: An implementation of the Kanade-Lucas-Tomasi tracking algorithm
D. Wagener and B. Herbst
A new feature-based stereo vision algorithm using standard hardware in a real environment
T. Landgrebe
Kronecker match matrix estimation algorithms for graph matchingi
B.J. van Wyk, M.A. van Wyk, and H.E. Hanrahan
Towards quantitative comparison of motion estimation algorithms
J.J. Francis and G. de Jager
Structure from motion estimation using a non-linear Kalman filteri
C.J. Venter and B. Herbst
Restoration of limited-angle tomography data using projection onto convex sets
M. McGrath and G. de Jager
Image analysis and processing for an automatic vehicle identification system
L. Coetzee and E.C. Botha
Optimization of vehicle licence plate segmentation and symbol recognitioni
R.P. van Heerden and E.C. Botha
Automated stereo camera calibration systemi
B. O'Kennedy and B. Herbst
Removal of camera overlap artifacts in the Lodox system
M. de Villiers and G. de Jager
An acoustic distance measure for automatic cross-language phoneme mapping
J.J. Sooful and E.C. Botha
An acoustic comparison of the vowels and diphthongs of first and second language South African English
J.D. Brink and E.C. Botha
Speaker recruitment for speech databases
E. Sanders and H. van den Heuvel
African speech technology (AST) telephone speech databases: Corpus design, contents and early validation statistics
P.H. Louw, J.C. Roux and E.C. Botha
The advantage of using higher order HMM's for segmenting acoustic files
E. de Villiers and J.A. du Preez
The interplay of signal analysis and phoneme modelling techniques on phoneme recognition
H.A. Engelbrecht and J.A. du Preez
Dialogue development for the African Speech Technology hotel booking and enquiry system
M.W. van den Heuvel and E.C. Botha
Natural language understanding in the DACST-AST dialogue system
T.R. Niesler and J.C. Roux
Sinusoidal modelling in speech synthesis, a survey
A. Visagie and J.A. du Preez
Telephone speech data collection for the training of automatic speech recognizers: A Northern Sotho (Sepedi) speech corpus
M.J.D. Manamela and E.C. Botha
Auditory-based speaker identification system
D.J. Mashao
Recurrent neural network-enhanced HMM speech recognition systems
J.W.F. Thirion and E.C. Botha
Spiking neural networks for sound recognition
W.J. Smit and E.C. Botha
Performance comparison between single and committees of neural networks trained with conjugate gradient descent and Bayesian learningi
W.D. Nortje and E.C. Botha
Extending the linear interpolating condition to advanced synthetic discriminant function variants
N. Muller and B. Herbst
An investigation into the detection of brain tumours using electroencephalogram(EEG) signals with artificial neural networks
S. Chetty and G.K. Venayagamoorthy
DNA pattern matching using FPGAs
A. Lipson and S. Hazelhurst