PRASA 2002 proceedings

Proceedings of the Thirteenth Annual Symposium of the Pattern Recognition Association of South Africa, 28-29 November 2002, Langebaan, South Africa, Edited by F. Nicolls, ISBN 0-7992-2147-3.

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Individual papers (pdf format)

An inexpensive, automatic and accurate camera calibration method
K. Forbes, A. Voigt and N. Bodika
Automatic calibration method for fixed camera person tracking applications
B. Merven, F. Nicolls and G. de Jager
Gaze estimation using appearance models
F. Nicolls
An unsupervised clustering approach to location classification
M. Price and G. de Jager
MultiBlob particle filter
M. Louw, F. Nicolls, and G. de Jager
Object segmentation and tracking
T. Murugas, J. Tapamo and R. Peplow
Fast Matching of CBG Patterns with Applications to Protein Matching
S. Hazelhurst and G. Aikhorin
Speaker verification on an identification system using parametric feature-sets
L. Mothae and D. J. Mashao
Comparing SVM and GMM on speaker identification
R. Jhumka and D. J. Mashao
Hierarchical approach for improving speaker identification
L. Lerato and D. J. Mashao
Evaluation of robustness of front-ends to GSM speech coding
N. S. Mahlanyane and D. J. Mashao
Towards an inverse solution for speaker recognition
D. J. Mashao
Feature scaling using a linear SVM
G. Kruger, M. A. van Wyk and B. J van Wyk
Detection of infrared, ground-based point targets: a case study
C. Lombard, B. J. van Wyk and J. P. Mare
Constant false alarm rate detector for single-pixel target detection in optical images
J. M. Viljoen, B. J. van Wyk and P. Niemand
Recognizing facial actions with support vector machines
M. Schulze, K. Scheffler and C. W. Omlin
Generalized similarity metric learning for a variable kernel classifier
J. J. Naude and M. A. van Wyk
Integrated intrusion detection architecture for defensive information warfare
N. T. Baloyi and W. T. Penzhorn
A sum square error based successive elimination algorithm for block motion estimation
J. J. Francis and G. de Jager
Wavelet design: an overview
F. van Rensburg and M. A. van Wyk
Self-clocked asynchronous sequential circuits: - a design example
A. Bhasin and F. Aghdasi