PRASA 2003 proceedings

Proceedings of the Fourteenth Annual Symposium of the Pattern Recognition Association of South Africa, 27-28 November 2003, Langebaan, South Africa, Edited by F. Nicolls, ISBN 0-7992-2218-6.

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Individual papers (pdf format)

Application of a Variable Kernel Classifier to aircraft identification.
J.J. Naude, M.A. van Wyk
Comparing SVM and GMM on parametric feature-sets
Daniel J. Mashao
Fast, Robust Detection of Circular Retro-Reflective Targets
Ruby van Rooyen
Generation of Visual Hull Models from 3D Objects
Phillip Milne, Fred Nicolls, and Gerhard de Jager
Using Silhouette Consistency Constraints to Build 3D Models
Keith Forbes, Anthon Voigt, Ndimi Bodika
Colour Video Tracking in a Multi-Camera Environment
Mathew Price, Fred Nicolls, Gerhard de Jager
Multi-Camera person tracking using an extended Kalman Filter
B.Merven, F.Nicolls, and Jager
Myocardial contour detection in MRI tagged images using short-range correlations of displacement fields
Bruce S. Spottiswoode
The Bilateral Median Filter
J.J. Francis and G. de Jager
Natural clutter suppression using adaptive FIR filtering with application to dual-band infrared imaging
P. Engelbrecht and J.C. Olivier
Biologically inspired signal transformations and neural classification of odours in an electronic nose
Bashan Naidoo
Towards Multi-camera Human Motion Capture and Low Bit-rate Video
D. Carsky, B. Naidoo, and S. McDonald
Stereo facial image matching to aid fetal alcohol syndrome screening
R. Grobbelaar and T.S. Douglas
Featureless Nonlinear Template-based Gesture Recognition
B.J. van Wyk, M.T. Tshaya, and M.A. van Wyk
Structure From Motion for Real-time 3D Head Pose Recovery
J. Heathcote, B. Naidoo, and S. McDonald
Face recognition using eigenfeatures
Nele Denys and Andre L. Nel
Optimisation of Statistical Feature Extraction Algorithms
C. Lombard, W.A. Smit and J.P. Mare
Support Vector Machines for HIV drug resistance prediction
Araya Seare Tesfamichael and Scott Hazelhurst
Speech technology on mobile devices for solving the digital divide
Samson Lupembe and Daniel Mashao
Using a low-bit speech enhancement adaptive filter to improve GSM speech recognition performance
N.S. Mahlanyane and D.J.Mashao
Comparing CDMA and GSM speech coding on speaker identification performance
C. Masawi and D. Mashao
Using a polynomial approximation based impulse noise suppression algorithm for robust speaker identification
L. Mothae and D. Mashao
Feature sets based improvement of speaker identification using N-best GMM scores
L. Lerato and D. Mashao
Bootstrapping in Language Resource Generation
Marelie Davel and Etienne Barnard
Improving student feedback in virtual classrooms
M. van der Schyff and H.C. Ferreira
Watershed-based segmentation of rock scenes and Proximity-based classfication of watershed regions under uncontrolled lighting conditions
S. Mkwelo, G. De Jager, and F. Nicolls
Automatic Moving Object Segmentation Using Adaptive Thresholding and Background Registration
Mohamed Zahir Mirza and Themesha Murugas
Approximate Least-Squares Attributed Graph Matching via Bayesian Inference
M.A. van Wyk, B.J. van Wyk, and T. Janse van Rensburg
A Matching Framework Based on Joint Probabilities
B.J. van Wyk, M.A. van Wyk, and J.J. Botha
Automated vehicle identification through metallurgical fingerprints
N. Govender and L. Coetzee
Articulated Tree Structure from Motion - A Matrix Factorisation Approach
Carl Scheffler, Konrad H. Scheffler, and Christian W. Omlin