PRASA 2004 proceedings

Proceedings of the Fifteenth Annual Symposium of the Pattern Recognition Association of South Africa, 25-26 November 2004, Grabouw, South Africa, Edited by F. Nicolls, ISBN 0-7992-2278-X.

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Individual papers (pdf format)

Texture Measures for Improved watershed Segmentation of Froth Images
Forbes, de Jager
Tensor Voting on Sparse Motion Vector Estimation
Visual hull surface estimation
Milne, Nicolls, de Jager
Structure and motion from SEM: a case study
A Method for Efficiently Re-estimating Camera Distortion Parameters
van Rooyen, Muller
Visual Hulls from Single Uncalibrated Snapshots Using Two Planar Mirrors
Forbes, Voigt, Bodika
Inverse Synthetic Aperture Imaging using a 40 kHz Ultrasonic Laboratory sonar
Wilkinson, Mukhopadhyay, Lewitton, Inggs
Fast Stopping in Support Vector Machine Classifiers
A simple method for visualizing labelled and unlabelled data in high-dimensional spaces
Survey of JPDA algorithms for possible Real-Time implementation
Goosen, van Wyk, van Wyk
A combining strategy for ill-defined problems
Landgrebe, Tax, Paclik, Duin, Andrew
A comparison of three class separability measures
Mthembu, Greene
Using artificial intelligence for data reduction in mechanical engineering
Mdlazi, Stander, Heyns, Marwala
Pattern Recognition in Service of People with Disabilities
Coetzee, Barnard
Predicting Global Internet Instability Caused by Worms using Neural Networks
Marais, Marwala
Eukaryotic RNA Polymerase II Promoter detection by means of an ANN
Myburgh, Barnard
Matching Feature Distributions for Robust Speaker Verification
Skosan, Mashao
Speech recognition based on sparse coding
Smit, Barnard
Using high-level and low-level feature concatenation for speaker identification
Appanna, Skosan, Mashao
Automatic intonation modeling with INTSINT
Louw, Barnard
Increased Diphone Recognition for an Afrikaans TTS system
Rousseau, Mashao
A default-and-refinement approach to pronunciation prediction
Davel, Barnard
Evaluating Microphone Arrays for a Speaker Identification Task
Zulu, Mashao
3D Flame Reconstruction Techniques towards the Study of Fire- Induced High Voltage Discharge Phenomena views
Crompton, Hoch
The Detection and Tracking of GSM Portable Handsets Using a 5-Element Circular Array
Lambert-Porter, Wilkinson
Using Randomization in the Analysis of MRI data
Drevin, Smith
A Study in a Hybrid Centralised-Swarm Agent Community
van Aardt, Marwala
Fuzzy clustering for the detection of Tuberculous Meningitis from brain computed tomography scans
Halberstadt, Douglas
Option Pricing Using Bayesian Neural Networks
Pires, Marwala