PRASA 2005 proceedings

Proceedings of the Sixteenth Annual Symposium of the Pattern Recognition Association of South Africa, 23-25 November 2005, Langebaan, South Africa, Edited by F. Nicolls, ISBN 0-7992-2264-X.

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Individual papers (pdf format)

Discrete Frobenius-Perron Tracking
B.J. van Wyk and M.A. van Wyk
Characterizing one-class datasets
D.M.J. Tax and R.P.W. Duin
Neural Network Based Techniques for Estimating Missing Data in Databases
S. Mohamed and T. Marwala
Simplifying the model-based classifiers for multi-modal problems in classification of spectra
P. Paclik, D.M.J. Tax, S. Verzakov, and R.P.W. Duin
Variable Kernel Classifier for Bearing Fault Diagnosis using Simple Statistical Features
B.J. van Wyk, M.A. van Wyk, J.J. Naude, and F. Perrier
On Neyman-Pearson optimisation for multiclass classifiers
T. Landgrebe and R.P.W. Duin
Using timing information in speaker verification
C.J. van Heerden and E. Barnard
Block DCT optimization on object edges
I.W. Guest
A Digital Watermarking Algorithm for Authentication and Tamper Detection
J. Thurgood and R. Peplow
Estimating world views
F. Nicolls
Virtual View Synthesis using Visual Hulls
N.F. Maunder, G. de Jager, and F. Nicolls
Video Based Traffic Monitoring System: Speed, Flow Estimation and 3D Reconstructions
L.L. Magaia, N. Muller, and B.M. Herbst
An E-M Homographical Iterative Closest Point algorithm
M. Louw and F. Nicolls
Procrustes Analysis in Fetal Alcohol Syndrome diagnosis
T. Mutsvangwa and T.S. Douglas
Bubble Size Distributions For Froth Classification
G. Forbes and G. de Jager
Real-Time Indoor Surveillance System with Behavior Detection
M. Lin and J.R. Tapamo
Statistical investigations into isiZulu intonation
C. Kuun, V. Zimu, E. Barnard, and M. Davel
Language dependence in multilingual speaker verification
N.T. Kleynhans and E. Barnard
HMM Sub-band Based Speaker Identification Using Linear and Non-linear Merging Techniques
U. Mahola, F.V. Nelwamondo, and T. Marwala
Developing Intonation Corpora for isiXhosa and isiZulu
N. Govender, E. Barnard, and M. Davel
An Advanced Text-To-Speech system for Afrikaans
F. Rousseau and D. Mashao
Obtaining a minimal set of rewrite rules
M. Davel and E. Barnard
Soft information-based timing phase recognition in asynchronous digital receivers
T. Olwal, M.A. van Wyk, D. Chatelain, and B.J. van Wyk
Feature-fusion speaker verification system normalised with modified segmental histogram equalisation (MSHEQ)
B.L. Appanna, M. Skosan, and D.J. Mashao
lp deconvolution for water pipe channel identification
G. Udahemuka, M.A. van Wyk, and B.J. van Wyk
Texture Analysis and Unsupervised Clustering for Segmenting Iris Images
A.K. Bachoo and J.R. Tapamo
A Statistical Approach to Local Evaluation of a Single Texture Image
J. Grim, P. Somol, M. Haindl, and P. Pudil
Seeded region growing using multiple seed points
I. Sanders
Autofocusing a smart microscope for the detection of tuberculosis in sputum smears
M.J. Russell, A. Bester, and T.S. Douglas