PRASA 2006 proceedings

Proceedings of the Seventeenth Annual Symposium of the Pattern Recognition Association of South Africa, 29 November-1 December 2006, Parys, South Africa, ISBN10: 0-620-37384-9, ISBN13: 978-0-620-37384-5.

Individual papers (pdf format)

Speech Rate Normalization Used to Improve Speaker Verification
Charl van Heerden and Etienne Barnard
A Parametric Monophone Speech Synthesis System
Gideon Klompje
Effort and Accuracy during Language Resource Generation - A Pronunciation Prediction Case Study
M.Davel and E.Barnard
Statistical Translation with Scarce Resource - A South African Case Study
Kato Ronald and Etienne Barnard
Automatic systems for assistance in improving pronunciations
Jacob A.C. Badenhorst, Daniel R. van Niekerk, and Etienne Barnard
Automatic Text Segmentation of Afrikaans Using Memory-Based Learning
Martin J Puttkammer and Gerhard B van Huyssteen
A Machine-Learning Approach for the Treatment of VP Ellipsis
Lindsey Smith and Sarah Rauchas
Three dimensional rock-scene modelling using dense stereo reconstruction
Simphiwe Mkwelo
An Automated Data Extraction Algorithm for a Bubble Tracking Camera System
Stewart Reid
On visual object tracking using Active Appearance Models
McElory Hoffmann, Ben Herbst, and Karin Hunter
Evolutionary Method for Document Images Segmentation and Classification
Hayden Mulholland, Jules-Raymond Tapamo, and Nelishia Pillay
Morphological and Watershed Segmentation of C-Spine MRI Images
Jaco Botha
Identity Verification System Using Hand Gesture Information
N.D. Lentsoane
HMM-based face recognition and real-time implementation
AR Liversage
Halfphones A Backoff Mechanism for Diphone Unit Selection Synthesis
J.A. Louw and M. Davel
Text-based Language Identification for the South African Languages
E. Barnard, V. Zimu, G. Botha
Automatic error detection in alignments for speech synthesis
E Barnard and M Davel
Investigation into Automatic Continuous Speech Recognition of different Dialects of Noerthern Sotho
Hendrik J Oosthuizen
The design, collection and annotation of speech databases in South Africa
F de Wet
Dialect Distances Based on Orthographic and Phonetic Transcriptions
N. Zulu and E. Barnard
An HMM Based Singing Transcription System
W.A. Krige and T.R. Niesler
Eye detection for fatigue assessment
K.T. Luhandjula
Statistical Appearance Modelling of Facial Images: Investigating Flexibility, Specificity and Compactness
NP Allen
Robust automated registration in the spatial domain
Stefan van der Walt
A Comparison of Iterative Bayesian Methods for Solving the Sparse Point Correspondence Problem
MS Louw
Slope Pattern Spectra
I. Tchangou Toudjeu
Performance of different minimization techniques during image registration
Leendert van der Bijl
Statistical approaches to eye extraction and tracking
T.S. Nedzamba
Data characteristics that determine classifier performance
C. van der Walt and E. Barnard
Subdivision for Curve Fitting
Karin Hunter
Towards an approximation of the optimal rank of Non negative matrix factorization
Linda Mthembu
Fuzzy ARTMAP and Neural Network Approach to Online Processing of Inputs with Missing Values
Fulufhelo V. Nelwamondo
Ant Colony Optimization for Missing Data Estimation
Brain Leke Betechuoh and Tshilidzi Marwala
Unsupervised Classification of Dynamic Froths
Gordon Forbes
Fuzzy logic modelling and automatic VHDL code generation for real time applications
K. Mabasa
Adaptive GPCR Classification Based on Incremental Learning
Shakir Mohamed
A Multi-Agent System for Bushing Condition Monitoring
Christina B. Vilakazi
Using Bayesian Networks to Extend Weapon Assignment Subsystems
Herman le Roux
Classifying mental states using pre-frontal EEG and SVM for use in Brain-Computer Interface systems
TA Lin, LR John, JC Tapson
Identity Confidence Estimation of Maneuvering Aircraft
PJ Holtzhausen and BM Herbst
Modelling Conflict - Knowledge Extraction using Bayesian Neural Network and Neuro-fuzzy Models
Thando Tettey
A study of two,non parametric,geometric approaches to data reduction
Linda Mthembu
A simplified extension of the Area under the ROC to the multiclass domain
Thomas Landgrebe, Robert Duin
A comparison of data-driven and model-driven approaches to brightness temperature diurnal cycle interpolation
F van den Bergh, M. A. van wyk and B.J. van Wyk