PRASA 2009 proceedings

Proceedings of the Twentieth Annual Symposium of the Pattern Recognition Association of South Africa, 30 November-1 December 2009, Stellenbosch, South Africa, Edited by F. Nicolls, ISBN 978-0-7992-2356-9.

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Individual papers (pdf format)

Learning Structured Representations of Data
Etienne Barnard, Christiaan van der Walt, Marelie Davel, Charl van Heerden, Fred Senekal, and Thegaran Naidoo
The challenges of ignorance
Etienne Barnard
Model Based Estimation for Multi-Modal User Interface Component Selection
L. Coetzee, I. Viviers, and E. Barnard
Applying Bayesian segmentation in volumetric silhouette-based reconstruction
Willie Brink
Rule-based Conversion of Closely-related Languages: A Dutch-to-Afrikaans Convertor
Gerhard B. van Huyssteen and Sulene Pilon
Characterization of a Small Helicopter UAV's Main Rotor Blade through Image Processing
William J. Shipman, Yuko Roodt, and Francois du Plessis
Comparing manually-developed and data-driven rules for P2P learning
Linsen Loots, Marelie Davel, Etienne Barnard, and Thomas Niesler
Real-time stereo reconstruction through hierarchical DP and LULU filtering
Francois Singels and Willie Brink
Characterisation and simulation of telephone channels using the TIMIT and NTIMIT databases
Herman Kamper and Thomas Niesler
Texture based classification of images using frequency estimated pairwise joint probability distributions on site labels from wavelet decomposed images
Markus Louw and Fred Nicolls
Combining Multiple Classifiers for Age Classification
Charl van Heerden and Etienne Barnard
Combining motion detection and hierarchical particle filter tracking in a multi-player sports environment
Robbie Vos and Willie Brink
A perceptual evaluation of corpus-based speech synthesis techniques in under-resourced environments
D.R. van Niekerk, E. Barnard, and G. Schlunz
Background Subtraction Survey for Highway Surveillance
Zane Mayo and Jules R. Tapamo
The Discrete Pulse Transform in Two Dimensions
I. Fabris-Rotelli and S.J. van der Walt
Symmetry-based head pose estimation for intention detection
T. Luhandjula, Y. Hamam, B.J. van Wyk, and Q. Williams
Interactive Image Segmentation using Graph Cuts
Mayuresh Kulkarni and Fred Nicolls
Mutual Information based similarity functions for rigid CT-MRI volume registration
B.M. van Wyk, N.L. Muller, and B.M. Herbst
Real-time exposure fusion on a mobile computer
Asheer Kasar Bachoo
Efficient Iris Pattern Recognition based on Cumulative-Sums and Majority Vote Methods
Serestina Viriri and Jules-R Tapamo
A Statistical Imitation System using Relational Interest Points and Gaussian Mixture Models
Jonathan Claassens
ASR performance analysis of an experimental call routing system
Thipe Modipa, Febe de Wet, and Marelie Davel
Density Estimation from Local Structure
Christiaan van der Walt and Etienne Barnard
A Singular Point Detection Algorithm Based on the Transition Line of the Fingerprint Orientation Image
Mmamolatelo E. Mathekga and Ishmael S. Msiza