PRASA 2010 proceedings

Proceedings of the Twenty-First Annual Symposium of the Pattern Recognition Association of South Africa, 22-23 November 2010, Stellenbosch, South Africa, Edited by F. Nicolls, ISBN 978-0-7992-2470-2.

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Individual papers (pdf format)

A Simple Statistical Algorithm for the Correction of Atmospheric Turbulence Degraded Sequences
Rishaad Abdoola, Barend van Wyk, and Eric Monacelli
Application of Global and One-Dimensional Local Optimization to Operating System Scheduler Tuning
George Anderson, Tshilidzi Marwala, and Fulufhelo Nelwamondo
Analyzing co-articulation using frame-based feature trajectories
Jaco Badenhorst, Marelie Davel, and Etienne Barnard
Maximum Leave-one-out Likelihood for Kernel Density Estimation
Etienne Barnard
Visualizing data in high-dimensional spaces
Etienne Barnard
Optimizing Tree-Species Classification in Hyperspectal Images
Etienne Barnard, Moses Cho, Pravesh Debba, Renaud Mathieu, Konrad Wessels, Charl van Heerden, Christiaan van der Walt, and Gregory Asne
Dense Stereo Correspondence for Uncalibrated Images in Multiple View Reconstruction
Willie Brink, Daniek Joubert, and Francois Singels
Laser-Based Target Tracking using Principal Component Descriptors
Michael Burke
Estimating Target Orientation with a Single Camera for Use in a Human-Following Robot
Michael Burke and Willie Brink
Balancing Runtime Space- and Time Complexity in Synthetic Database Driven Hand Posture Reconstruction Systems
Hendrik de Villiers, Thomas Niesler, and Lynette van Zijl
Application of neural networks to inverse lens distortion modelling
Jason de Villiers and Fred Nicolls
The Influence of Input Matrix Representation on Topic Modelling Performance
Alta de Waal and Etienne Barnard
Segmentation and accuracy-based scores for the automatic assessment of oral proficiency for proficient L2 speakers
Febe de Wet, Pieter Muller, Christa van der Walt, and Thomas Niesler
Edge modelling MRFs for cardiac MRI segmentation
Janto Dreijer, Johan du Preez, and Ben Herbst
Supporting Drivable Region Detection by Minimising Salient Pixels Generated Through Robot Sensors
Wunmi Falola, Isaac Osunmakinde, and Antoine Bagula
Automatic discovery of subword units and pronunciations for automatic speech recognition using TIMIT
George Goussard and Thomas Niesler
Grasping Objects from a User's Hand using Time-of-Flight Camera Data
Natasha Govender and Jonathan Claassens
Syntactic Reordering as Pre-processing Step in Statistical Machine Translation of English to Sesotho sa Leboa and Afrikaans
Marissa Griesel, Cindy McKellar, and Danie Prinsloo
Detecting Scene Obstruction in a Monocular Industrial Computer Vision Based Measuring System
Dominic Jordan and Willem Clarke
Acoustic modelling of English-accented and Afrikaans-accented South African English
Herman Kamper, Félicien Muamba Mukanya, and Thomas Niesler
Consistency of Cross-lingual Pronunciation of South African Personal Names
Mpho Kgampe and Marelie Davel
Graph cuts with shape priors for segmentation
Mayuresh Kulkarni and Fred Nicolls
Locating regions of interest prior to X-ray imaging using stereo-photogrammetry
Radhika Kulkarni, Tinashe Mutsvangwa, and Tania Douglas
A new adaptive colourization filter for Video decompression
Vaughan Lee, Yuko Roodt, and Willem Clarke
Efficient texture classification using local binary patterns on a graphics processing unit
Joshua Leibstein, Andras Findt, and Andre Nel
Extending an Afrikaans pronunciation dictionary using Dutch resources and P2P/GP2P
Linsen Loots, Febe de Wet, and Thomas Niesler
Comparing direct G2P with G2P followed by accent conversion when determining pronunciations for South African English
Linsen Loots and Thomas Niesler
Visual head pose estimation algorithm for fast intent recognition
Thierry Luhandjula, Quentin Williams, Yskandar Hamam, Karim Djouani, and Barend van Wyk
An investigation of software for minisatellite detection
Themba Masombuka, Corné de Ridder, and Derrick Kourie
The MUCT Landmarked Face Database
Stephen Milborrow, John Morkel, and Fred Nicolls
Pronunciation Modelling of Foreign Words for Sepedi ASR
Thipe Modipa and Marelie Davel
Autofocusing for Tuberculosis Detection using Fluorescence Microscopy
Otolorin Osibote, Ronald Dendere, Sriram Krishnan, and Tania Douglas
Refinement of Falsified Depth Maps for the SwissRanger Time-of-Flight 3D Camera on Autonomous Robots
Isaac Osunmakinde
Off-line signature verification using ensembles of local Radon transform-based HMMs
Mark Panton and Hanno Coetzer
A new approach to finding similarities between time series using Cross Wavelet Phase Variance
Marc Pienaar, Jonathan Tapson, Frans van den Bergh, and Stephan Woodborne
Spelling Checker-based Language Identification for the Eleven Official South African Languages
Wikus Pienaar and Dirk Snyman
Converting Afrikaans to Dutch for technology recycling
Suléne Pilon, Gerhard van Huyssteen, and Liesbeth Augustinus
An African Solution for an African Problem: A step towards perfection
Mpho Raborife, Sigrid Ewert, and Sabine Zerbian
Audio-Visual Automatic Speech Recognition using Dynamic Bayesian Networks
Helge Reikeras, Ben Herbst, Johan du Preez, and Herman Engelbrecht
Doing a bundle adjustment by using a linear system of equations
Pieter Reyneke, Pieter Grobler, Derrick Kourie, and Corné de Ridder
Sharpening and contrast enhancement of atmospheric turbulence degraded video sequences
Philip Robinson, Bryn Walters, and Willem Clarke
Text segmentation and recognition in unconstrained imagery
Yuko Roodt, Hans Roos, and Willem Clarke
Part-of-Speech Effects on Text-to-Speech Synthesis
Georg Schlunz, Etienne Barnard, and Gerhard van Huyssteen
Fast Region-based Object Detection and Tracking using Correlation of Features
Fred Senekal
Recurrent Neural Networks for Facial Action Unit Recognition from Image Sequences
Hima Vadapalli, Henry Nyongesa, and Christian Omlin
An examination of weighted cost aggregation methods for local stereo matching
Juliaan van der Merwe and Willem Clarke
Towards Understanding the Influence of SVM Hyperparameters
Charl van Heerden and Etienne Barnard
Non-Rigid Image Registration - application to CT-MRI alignment
Barry-Michael van Wyk, Neil Muller, and Ben Herbst
Integrating Iris and Signature Traits for Personal Authentication using User-Specific Weighting
Serestina Viriri and Jules Tapamo
Multi-view 3D Position Estimation of Sports Players
Robbie Vos and Willie Brink
Artificial Intelligence in Reverse Supply Chain Management: The State of the Art
Bo Xing, Wen-jing Gao, Kimberly Battle, Tshilidzi Marwala, and Fulufhelo Nelwamondo