PRASA 2012 proceedings

Proceedings of the Twenty-Third Annual Symposium of the Pattern Recognition Association of South Africa, 29-30 November 2012, Pretoria, South Africa, Edited by Alta de Waal, ISBN 978-0-620-54601-0.

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Individual papers (pdf format)

Optimisation of acoustic models for a target accent using decision-tree state clustering
Herman Kamper and Thomas Niesler
Evaluating Individual mRNA Molecules Detection Techniques in Microscope Images
Rethabile Khutlang, Loretta Magagula and Musa Mhlanga
Identifying suitable mathematical translation candidates from the logs of Dr. Math
Bertram Haskins and Reinhardt Botha
FastSLAM with Stereo Vision
Wikus Brink, Corné van Daalen, Willie Brink
Automation of Region Specific Scanning for Real Time Medical Systems
Denis Wong and Fred Nicolls
Automatic segmentation of TIMIT by dynamic programming
Thomas Niesler, Van Zyl van Vuuren, and Louis ten Bosch
Robust single image noise estimation from approximate local statistics
Yuko Roodt, Philip Robinson, André Nel, and Wimpie Clarke
Gaussian blur identification using scale-space theory
Philip Robinson, Yuko Roodt and Andre Nel
Adaptive Multi-Scale Retinex algorithm for contrast enhancement of real world scenes
Philip Robinson and Wing Lau
Extended Local Binary Pattern Features for Improving Settlement Type Classification of QuickBird Images
Lizwe Mdakane and Frans van den Bergh
On the rendering of synthetic images with specific point spread functions
Frans van den Bergh
Investigating Parameters for Unsupervised Clustering of Speech Segments using TIMIT
Lerato Lerato and Thomas Niesler
Performance Evaluation of Spot Detection Algorithms in Fluorescence Microscopy Images
Matsilele Mabaso, Daniel Withey, Natasha Govender and Bhekisipho Twala
Chorale Harmonization with Weighted Finite-state Transducers
Jan Buys and Brink van der Merwe
Multilingual pronunciations of proper names in a Southern African corpus
Jan Thirion, Marelie Davel and Etienne Barnard
Grid Smoothing Based Image Compression
Jenny Bashala, Karim Djouani, Yskandar Hamam and Guillaume Noel
Developing and improving a statistical machine translation system for English to Setswana: linguistically-motivated approach
Ilana Wilken, Marissa Griese, and Cindy McKellar
Classification of Noun-Noun Compound Semantics in Dutch and Afrikaans
Ben Verhoeven, Walter Daelemans, and Gerhard van Huyssteen
Handwritten Symbol Recognition using an Ensemble of SVM Classifiers
Ronald Clark, Quik Kung and Anton van Wyk
Cross-Lingual Genre Classification for Closely Related Languages
Dirk Snyman, Gerhard van Huyssteen and Walter Daelemans
Towards Lecture Transcription in Resource-Scarce Environments
Pieter De Villiers, Petri Jooste, Charl van Heerden and Etienne Barnard
Comparing grapheme-based and phoneme-based speech recognition for Afrikaans
Willem Basson and Marelie Davel
The application of the iterated conditional modes to feature vectors of the discrete pulse transform of images
Inger Fabris-Rotelli and Jean-Francois Greeff
Improved transition models for cepstral trajectories
Jaco Badenhorst, Marelie Davel and Etienne Barnard
Acoustic model optimisation for a call routing system
Neil Kleynhans, Raymond Molapo and Febe de Wet
Context-dependent modelling of English vowels in Sepedi code-switched speech
Thipe Modipa, Marelie Davel and Febe de Wet
On the leakage problem with the Discrete Pulse Transform decomposition
Inger Fabris-Rotelli and Gene Stoltz
Automatic alignment of audiobooks in Afrikaans
Febe de Wet, Charl van Heerden and Marelie Davel
Mean Shift Object Tracking with Occlusion Handling
Brett de Villiers, Willem Clarke and Philip Robinson
A comparison of image features for registering LWIR and visual images
Jason de Villiers and Jaco Cronje
Figure detection and part label extraction from patent drawing images
Jaco Cronje