PRASA 2013 proceedings

Proceedings of the Twenty-Fourth Annual Symposium of the Pattern Recognition Association of South Africa, 3 December 2012, Pretoria, South Africa, Edited by Philip Robinson, ISBN 978-0-86970-771-5.

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Individual papers (pdf format)

The semi-automated creation of stratified speech corpora
Charl van Heerden, Marelie H. Davel and Etienne Barnard
Automatic Compound Semantic Analysis using Wordnets
Zandré Botha, Roald Eiselen and Gerhard B. van Huyssteen
An analysis of fusion algorithms for LWIR and visual images
Jason de Villiers, Robert Jermy
N-gram based Language Identification of Individual Words
Oluwapelumi Giwa, Marelie H. Davel
Phoneme- and Word-based Language Identification of South African Languages using Lwazi
Daan Henselmans, Thomas Niesler and David van Leeuwen
Baseline Speech Recognition of South African Languages using Lwazi and AST
Daan Henselmans, Thomas Niesler and David van Leeuwen
Cross-bandwidth adaption for ASR systems
Neil Kleynhans and Etienne Barnard
Spoken language identification system adaption in under-resourced environments
Neil Kleynhans and Etienne Barnard
A Block Structure Laplacian for Hyperspectral Image Data Clustering
Dalton Lunga
Static gesture recognition using features extracted from skeletal data
Ra'eesah Mangera
Implications of Sepedi/English code switching for ASR systems
Thipe I. Modipa, Marelie H. Davel and Febe de Wet
A Distributed Approach to Speech Resource Collection
Raymond Molapo, Etienne Barnard and Febe de Wet
Q-learning based energy efficient path planning using weights
Samuel Ogunniyi and Mohohlo S. Tsoeu
Determining Image Similarity from Pattern Matching of Abstract Syntax Trees of Tree Picture Grammars
Benjamin Okundaye, Sigrid Ewert and Ian Sanders
A Discourse Model of Affect for Text-to-Speech Synthesis
Georg I. Schlünz and Etienne Barnard
Sparse Coding of Single Spoken Digits
Willie Smit
Kernel bandwidth estimation for non-parametric density estimation: a comparative study
Christiaan M. van der Walt and Etienne Barnard