PRASA 2014 proceedings

Proceedings of the 2014 PRASA, RobMech and AfLaT International Joint Symposium, 27-28 November 2014, Cape Town, South Africa, Edited by M. Puttkammer and R. Eiselen, ISBN 978-0-620-62617-0.

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Individual papers (pdf format)

Context-based Online Policy Instantiation for Multiple Tasks and Changing Environments
Benjamin Rosman
Semi-supervised Training for Lecture Transcription in Resource-scarce Environments
Pieter de Villiers, Etienne Barnard, Charl van Heerden and Petri Jooste
Topic Modelling for Short Text
Jocelyn Mazarura, Alta de Waal, Franz Kanfer and Sollie Millard
Vision-based Hand Motion Detection for Intent Recognition
Thierry Luhandjula, Quentin Williams and Barend van Wyk
Single-trial EEG Discrimination between Five Hand Movement Imagery and Execution towards the Control of a Prosthetic/Orthotic Hand using a Brain-computer Interface
Abdul-Khaaliq Mohamed and Lester John
Comparison of Two Detection Algorithms for Spot Tracking in Fluorescence Microscopy Images
Matsilele Mabaso, Daniel Withey and Bhekisipho Twala
Automatic Infarct Planimetry by Means of Swarm-based Clustering
Pieter van Vuuren and Derick van Vuuren
A two-Stage Fuzzy c-Means Clustering Algorithm for Lung Segmentation
Oluwakorede Oluyide, Serestina Viriri and Jules-Raymond Tapamo
Retinal Vessel Segmentation Based on Difference Image and K-Means Clustering
Temitope Mapayi, Serestina Viriri and Jules-Raymond Tapamo
Long-term Tracking of Multiple Interacting Pedestrians using a Single Camera
Mogomotsi Keaikitse, Willie Brink and Natasha Govender
Development of the Electronics Pod for an Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle
Roger de Smidt and Stephen Marais
Development of a Mechatronic Transmission Control System for a Formula Student Drivetrain
Alexander Nöertemann, Theo van Niekerk and Udo Becker
Improvements on a Prosthetic Hand - The UKZN Touch Hand
Gregory Jones and Riaan Stopforth
The Case for a General Purpose, First Response Rescue Robot
Tracy Booysen and Thomas Mathew
The Design of a Rugged, Low-Cost, Man-Packable Urban Search and Rescue Robotic System
Thomas Mathew, Greig Knox, W.K. Fong, Tracy Booysen and Stephen Marais
Automatic Classification of Sheep Behaviour Using 3-Axis Accelerometer Data
Jacques Marais, Solomon Petrus Le Roux, Riaan Wolhuter and Thomas Niesler
Temporal Classification of FACS AUs using SURF Descriptors
Christine Trewick and Hima Vadapalli
A Study on the Sensitivity of Photogrammetric Camera Calibration and Stitching
Jason de Villiers and Fred Nicolls
A Comparative Study of Genetic Programming and Grammatical Evolution for Evolving Data Structures
Kevin Igwe and Nelishia Pillay
Aligning Audio Samples from the South African Parliament with Hansard Transcriptions
Neil Kleynhans and Febe de Wet
Number Pronunciation in a Multilingual Environment and Implications for an ASR System
Raymond Molapo and Etienne Barnard
Automatic Segmentation and Clustering of Speech using Sparse Coding
Wiehan Agenbag, Willie Smit and Thomas Niesler
Visual Features in Varying Illumination for Enhancing SLAM in the Mining Environment
Stephen Marais and Andre Nel
Development of an Educational Process Control and Instrumentation System using Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) Approach
John Fernandes and Theo van Niekerk
A Vision-based Error Metric for Path Following Control
Deon Sabatta
Kinematics Analysis and Workspace Investigation of a Proposed Parallel Mechanism for Multi-Planar Operations
Sameh Ghobashi, Khaled Abou-El-Hossein and Michael Ayomoh
Development of a Two-wheel Balancing Robot using the STM32F3-Discovery Board as an Educational Platform for Traditonal and Modern Control Schemes
Phillip Rukidi, John Fernandes and Grant Phillips
Genetic Programming for Password Cracking
Thulani Mashiane and Nelishia Pillay
Comparing Support Vector Machine and Multinomial Naive Bayes for Named Entity Classification of South African languages
Wildrich Fourie, J.V. Du Toit and Dirk P. Snyman
Unsupervised Topic Modelling on South African Parliament Audio Data
Neil Kleynhans
SVM Classification of Dr Math Microtext
Bertram Haskins and Reinhardt A. Botha
Exploring Unsupervised Word Segmentation for Machine Translation in the South African Context
Daniel Van Niekerk
Phrase Chunking for South African Languages: an Investigation for Sesotho sa Leboa, Setswana, and Afrikaans
Roald Eiselen
An Investigation into Spoken Audio Topic Identification using the Fisher Corpus
Neil Kleynhans
Experiments with Syllable-based Zulu-English Machine Translation
Friedel Wolff and Gideon Kotzé
South African Sign Language Dataset Development and Translation: A Glove-based Approach
Ben McInnes and Mohohlo Tsoeu
An English to Xitsonga Statistical Machine Translation System for the Government Domain
Cindy McKellar
CHAMP: a Bespoke Integrated System for Mobile Manipulation
Beatrice van Eden, Benjamin Rosman, Daniel Withey, Terence Ratshidaho, Mogomotsi Keaikitse, Ditebogo Masha, Ashley Kleinhans and Ahmed Shaik
Interactive Energy Consumption Visualization
Dalton Lunga, Sarah Ward and Nkosinathi Msimango
A Novel Approach to Visual Password Schemes Using Tree Picture Grammars
Benjamin Okundaye, Ian Sanders and Sigrid Ewert
Application of Multi-Objective Local Search to Hardware/Software Design Exploration
George Anderson and Tallman Nkgau
Performance Analysis of a Multilingual Directory Enquiries Application
Charl van Heerden, Marelie Davel and Etienne Barnard
Development of a Docking Mechanism for Self-reconfigurable Modular Robots
Patrick Muthui and Robyn Verrinder
Programmable Logic Control of an Electro-hydraulic System for a Reconfigurable Assembly Fixture used for Press Brake assembly
Olayinka Olabanji and Khumbulani Mpofu
Towards a Mobile Mapping Robot for Underground Mines
Tobias Neumann, Alexander Ferrein, Stephan Kallweit and Ingrid Scholl
Augmenting the L1 Tracker with Appearance Based Tracking Improvements
Charles Bradshaw, Fred Nicolls and Gerhard de Jager
Generation of Super-resolution Stills from Video
Bernardt Duvenhage
Comparison of Background Subtraction Techniques under Sudden Illumination Changes
Cornelius Reyneke, Philip Robinson and Andre Nel